• I have heard about conflict-free diamonds. What are those?

Natural diamonds and lab-grown stones both have the same physical and chemical properties. 

Nevertheless a lot of times, diamonds and gems are obtained by violating human rights, abusing children, or destroying the environment in today's world. Conflict-free diamonds are guaranteed to be ethically obtained from suppliers that do not engage in these unfortunate practices

They are genuine diamonds, which are visually and chemically identical. Lab diamonds differ from earth-mined diamonds in only one way: A lab diamond is grown in a laboratory. Creating a lab-grown diamond mimics the process of making a natural diamond.

Natural diamonds and lab-created diamonds are the same in every way. Lab-grown diamonds come in two types: CVD Lab-grown diamonds and HPHT Lab-grown diamonds. There is a difference between CVD Lab-grown diamonds and HPHT Lab-grown diamonds because CVD Lab-grown diamonds react to diamond detector pens, whereas HPHT Lab-grown diamonds do not. This makes the HPHT Lab Diamond more affordable.

Every jewel whose main stone is over 1.00 carats comes with a professional Certificate of Authenticity. 


  • What is ‘Glam and Gems’ policy on conflict-free diamonds

Diamonds from our company are always conflict-free. We comply with all government regulations and ethical sourcing requirements.


  • How will I receive my order from you?


All orders are free of shipping charges. Our packages are insured with FedEx. We will provide you with a tracking number once your order has shipped. It will be necessary for a signature to be obtained upon delivery, so ensure that you are available.

  •  How can I receive assistance with my order?

We are pleased to offer you the best customer care. Just call our customer service at +1 (610) 244-1861 or email support@glamandgems.com. We welcome your order here, or if you have any questions about your order, please contact us. We will be glad to assist you.


  •  Returning or exchanging jewelry

We at 'Glam and Gems' guarantee your complete satisfaction and will gladly refund, exchange, or replace any unworn item returned within 30 days of the item’s purchase. You may return your new undamaged item with its original packaging and paperwork for a 100% refund within 30 days of the item’s delivery. Regarding jewelry Jewelry custom-made, we cannot accept returns.

  • Where can I find a diamond that is not in your inventory

Our inventory is constantly being updated and we may have additional inventory of ethical origin diamonds not listed on our website. Please contact us so we can help you find a diamond that is perfect for you. Due to our own production of diamonds, we can construct the diamond you've dreamed of, from rough to polished


  • Is My Diamond Laser Inscribed

 GIA Diamonds are typically accompanied by a laser inscription applied to the diamond's edges. The GIA report number appears microscopically engraved on the diamond's outer girdle. GIA report holders can link their reports to diamonds using laser inscription. The GIA website will automatically generate an electronic copy of your diamond's grading report when you enter this number.Our diamonds have an internal laser stamp that makes it easy for you to identify your diamond and match it with its gemological certificate.


  • Lab diamonds: Are they real diamonds?


Certainly. The properties of lab diamonds are the same as those of natural diamonds, as well as the same fire, luminescence, and sparkle. Lab diamonds are real diamonds. Diamonds created in a laboratory cannot be distinguished from natural diamonds with the naked eye.

  • Do You Offer Alternative Metal Options Such As Rose Gold


Certainly. "Glam and Gems" offers platinum, white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold as standard choices for most styles. As well as white gold, yellow gold, meteorite, and tungsten, we offer a selection of styles in 14k gold and 14k yellow gold. Some of our ring styles can be ordered with black rhodium, 18k white gold without rhodium, or custom metals. Contact us to learn more.

  •  I would like to design a piece of jewelry for myself

The 'Glam and Gems' team specializes in custom designs. The process of having something made just for you should be accessible to everyone, and we can create any jewelry piece you desire.

Our low-cost structure allows us to provide fine custom jewelry at a price that's comparable to what you'd pay for similar quality items off the shelf.

Even though we design and craft all of our jewelry to exceptionally high standards, we are able to keep our costs much lower than traditional jewelers who do custom work - not through cutting corners or settling for lower quality, but through finding more efficient ways to work. For more details, please visit our page.


  • How Do I Finance Using Affirm


During online checkout, you can choose to Affirm as your payment method. After an order has been placed, Affirm financing isn't available. You will need to create an Affirm account and provide some personal information. Once you have been approved for a loan, Affirm will notify you immediately.

  • Look into lab-grown diamond

Lab diamonds are one of the most exciting diamond products today. So how do the words lab-grown and diamond relate to each other?

A diamond grown on Earth has its own unique story - and it's fascinating. Under conditions of high temperatures and extreme pressure, natural diamonds are formed over billions of years out of a single element: carbon. Diamonds are the result, one of nature's most spectacular miracles. Even today, we are captivated by them.

Scientists have successfully created diamonds in the laboratory using the same natural method as earth-mined stones. Under conditions of extreme pressure and high heat, a minuscule diamond seed is enclosed in a laboratory containment-and a diamond is born. 


  • What does the term “Cut” mean

Cutting a rough diamond is the key to maximizing the diamond’s potential beauty, and arguably the most important step. It takes great skill to cut a rough diamond. Diamond cutting requires specialized knowledge, tools, equipment, and techniques due to its extremely hard substance and other specific challenges. well cut diamonds appear fiery and brilliant. Poorly cut stones are dull and unappealing. A well-cut diamond can actually make the stone appear larger than poorly cut diamonds of the same carat weight. So you can see how important the cut grade is.We specialize in diamond cutting. Our company is known as a boutique diamond manufacturer.

Our main focus is on fancy shape diamonds. 

Because of this, most of the famous jewelry stores in the US buy their diamonds from us. We are glad to be able to sell you our special diamonds without intermediaries.