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We are Glam and Gems, a diamond jewelry company based in New York.We manufacture lab-grown diamonds (from rough material to polished diamonds) as a company, we used to only sell to retail stores, but now we offer our own brand of products online as a retailer as well.

For decades, our company has been manufacturing beautiful and high-quality jewelry. Our jewelry can be found in many of the most prestigious jewelry stores on Fifth Avenue and at luxury stores worldwide.

Our specialized production of lab diamonds, which was our first step in the process, has made us stop using non-ethical diamonds that harm the environment and the planet. We produce ethical, conflict-free, high-quality laboratory diamonds at the highest level for you today. Glam and Gems also produces your diamonds and also designs your jewelry. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality jewelry for your money.

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Glam and Gems Diamonds

Glam and Gems is the world's leading diamond and jewelry design company.

Diamonds from our company have been selling in the top jewelry stores all over the world until recently. You can now buy our jewelry diamonds directly from us at the lowest possible price without having to pay a price difference. At "Glam and Gems", we also manufacture the diamonds and design the jewelry for you, which is why our prices are so affordable.

"Glam & Gems" manufactures and designs fine jewelry at the highest standards, offering both contemporary and classic pieces. One of our top priorities is to create exquisite jewelry, just for you. our team designs every piece to delight you.

Our mission is to make the sparkle of a diamond available for more people, more often. We’re constantly innovating our world-leading technology — to make bigger, better, and more reasonably priced laboratory-grown diamond stones.The fancy shape diamond cut is one of our specialties.

You have come to the right place if you're looking to find diamonds in an original way, tailored to your personal taste.

We will be able to design the piece of jewelry that you have always wanted, not before you see it in a live image on your body.

New York Headquarters

1220 Broadway RM 801A

New York, NY 10001

+1 610 244 1861

One of A Kind Glam and Gems Diamond Cutting

We are the manufactures of all of our main diamonds.

We are the manufactures of all of our main diamonds. We specialize in perfect premium cutting of all of our diamonds. Our diamonds are cut with the right and correct angles. Our first priority in manufacturing the diamonds are making the stone 

Perfectly looking, We ignore the weight loss of the diamond just to make it perfect Many manufactures in the world “keep” weight by manufacture the diamond in “Heavy make” so they keep the weight of the stone . 

In a result, Our stone shine, luster and lightning is extremely better than other manufactures.

Our Cutting

Other Manufacture Cutting